French Bulldogs can be stubborn and hard headed at times, so it is crucial you are firm, and consistent with this breed. Here are some tips that will help you establish a housebroken puppy in no time:

1. Pick a designated area for your puppy to relief itself - do not let them free in the yard and treat the yard as if it were a part of your home. Pick a special spot in your yard and keep the puppy on a leash. This will make the puppy learn that this is their usual spot to go and will save you a lot of trouble in the future when you are poop scooping since it will only be in one area. This method works really well if you fence of a small area or have a dog run.

2. Go outside often - Puppies cant hold their urine for very long, this is why its recommended you go outside approximately every 2 hours.

3. Give your puppy a treat when he/she goes outside in the designated area - have treats in your pocket and ready to go. Reward the puppy during or immediately after they relieve themselves.

4. Put your puppy on a feeding schedule - You should have water for your puppy at all times, however, it is recommended feeding your dog at certain times to regulate their bowel movement.

5. Supervise - Do not let your puppy have free range in the house and opportunities to soil. Supervise your puppy at all times and when you can't supervise the puppy should be in a crate to prevent accidents.

6. In all honesty I cannot recommend a pee pad inside the enclosed area or crate, this just gives the dog mixed messages as if you want them to urine in the house. If you want to prevent confusion don't use this method.

and Finally there will be accidents so don't give up and repeat the steps above, sooner or later your puppy will be house broken, just keep being patient and don't ever lose your temper. Good-luck.

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October 01, 2016 by Frenchie Store

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