Our dog harnesses are the best in the industry and heres why

Our dog harnesses are the best in the industry and heres why

August 24, 2018

There are lots of different types of dog harnesses in the market, in fact you will probably be overwhelmed with the amount of choices. Here at the Frenchiestore we took everything into consideration and made sure our harness will stand alone from the crowd and provide the customer with the safety style and comfort their dog needs.


The most common buckles for making dog harnesses are usually made of plastic. Any harness is only as good as the fastener that keeps it together, so we took that in consideration and all of our harnesses feature heavy duty gold brass double buckles and closures for added safety.

You wouldn't want the harness to fall apart and something horrible to happen (heartbreaking situations we all heard of in the past like being run by a car, getting in a dog fight, running and getting lost etc...)

Another issue with plastic to consider the dog chewing and ingesting it. Is your dog always curious about eating anything that cross his/her path? Most dogs from time to time tend to eat something they shouldn’t, and we all heard stories about dogs that were rushed to vets to get their stomach pumped x-ray done and even emergency surgery in certain situations. Plastic is a major hazard when it comes to dog accessories and those that feature plastic usually come with a written warning.

For all the reasons above we decided to make our Frenchiestore harnesses with the safest buckles and closures, dogs cannot chew and swallow brass as easily as plastic, the brass heavy duty clips should never fail and fall apart. Off course you should always be mindful and always store dog accessories far away from a dogs reach. Here at the Frenchiestore we understand that sometimes life gets in the way and we can be absent minded at times, shall you ever leave our harness in your dogs reach we want you to have the best chance to never have to visit the ER.


Next, we considered the material from which the harness is made of. If your dog gets dirty a lot and/or loves to play in water, dirt, or roll around like a pig (which most French Bulldogs do)  polyester is much easier to maintain than some other materials. Easy to wash dry and wear as new again. We recommend to wash cold by hand with mild soap and water and let it air dry.


When it comes to our designs printed on the harnesses, each design was drawn and made by us and isn't available anywhere else. We either accompany the finished design with either gold or rose gold brass.


Our harnesses are the very first reversible and strap harness with duel D ring in the industry. We came up with this idea while walking our own dog Bluenjy. We wanted to have the ability to walk him like a normal dog without having to worry about restraining his breathing.

As most of you know Bluenjy had surgery to correct his breathing several months ago. We were extra sensitive when it came to his breathing and what we felt was the safest options for him.

We were not able to find any harness that offered everything we wanted so we had to come up with our own. At first we thought we needed one D ring on each side of the harness but quickly came to the realization the dog would be very uncomfortable if the D ring was touching and pressing against the dogs neck.

We came up with the brilliant idea (Frenchiestore L.L.C. patent) of a swivel D ring in the neck that goes back and forth depending on which side of the harness you want to wear. The Reversible harness also has double buckles in each side for extra strength.


The strap harness was not constructed with an O ring in the chest. We believe the O ring in the chest can cause discomfort and based on our market research we know it causes allergic reactions in some  French Bulldogs (already prone to skin problems) Instead we came up with a way to have the soft material all the way to the neck and the D ring held inside the material which creates ultimate comfort for your dog.

We added another heavy duty brass buckle on the opposite side of the strap harness for added security.

Our duel D rings harnesses allows you to train your Frenchie to walk properly with a lead without worrying about a collar restricting your dogs breathing. If you are not training your pup how to walk simply switch to the back attachment.


We believe that when you purchase a harnesses from us or any other product for that matter you will see the quality, superior craftsmanship and all the details and thoughtfulness that was put into them.

As a pioneer in the pet industry, Frenchiestore's vision and innovative designs result in products that are simply the best for your pet.


To order yours click on the product you want below:

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Strap duel D ring harnesses

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