We have gotten so many requests for our custom Sherpa Fleece blankets that it has been added as an option when you decide to purchase a blanket from the Frenchiestore.

These are not typically stocked in our store and each one is individually handmade to order. It takes about 1 week of production time, however well worth the wait...

So what is Sherpa Fleece?

Sherpa material is a soft, fluffy and thick polyester fabric made to resemble sheepskin. The material feels like suede on one side and soft, fleecy wool on the other. It got it's name from the people of the Himalaya, this material is worn by the Tibetons of both men and women. It's a synthetic fabric so there were no animals harmed when making this fabric!

The fleece and Sherpa backing adds an extra dimension of comfort and warmth. This maybe the softest blanket on the planet!

When touching this material, it feels like touching a cloud...

And always remember to Frenchie on...

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