Our dog Bluenjy

He might be a small Frenchie but he is kind of a big deal! It took over a year of searching to find the right French Bulldog that represented our brand. Though he was the only one among his litter mates that was unreserved he was our pick of the litter! We fell in love with him instantly and the rest is history.

Bluenjy is deaf in both ears and he was born this way, however against all odds he keeps proving that having a disability won't stop him. He provides happiness to many across the globe who have disabilities and gives them hope. He is truly an inspiration. You can find him on Instagram Facebook and Youtube.

He was featured on MTV, Fox News, The Dodo, The Quint, Caters News, Metro UK Newspaper, Unilad, Lad Bible, BuzzFeed Animals, Good Morning America, ESPN and the list keeps going on and on...

He has millions of views online and known for his human like behavior. He will eat from a fork, his paws and is just a big foodie. ( Disclaimer: Off course we limit human food to a few bites since French Bulldogs are known for having sensitive stomachs, and his main diet is dog food. Please don't give your dog human food without consulting the vet and be aware of the dangerous food list such as grapes, raisins, chocolate, onions etc...)

Bluenjy loves the camera and is very excited when we get to do a photo shoot or a video. He is the perfect little model for our brand.

Bluenjy loves to cuddle and is a very loving French Bulldog. He makes us smile every single day.



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