Are you obsessed with your dog and as passionate about our brand as we are? Then this section is for you! We are pleased to announce our most exciting latest partnership opportunity listed below. Please carefully read all the information below prior to submitting your application to us.


We offer wholesale prices, please contact us to inquire about selling our products and our requirements.

Brand Reps:

Brand Representatives are people that love our brand and loyal customers. They are associated with our brand  and receive a discount to purchase our items and in return promote their love for our products through their social media. Brand reps are not required to post a certain amount or have any particular requirements. We will track the sales through their unique discount code and will evaluate if they are eligible to move forward and becoming a Brand Ambassador.

Breeder Puppy Packages:

We hand picked a few of the most reputable breeders in the Frenchie community and we provide each puppy with their first Frenchiestore Health harness to go to their forever home with. Breeders are knowledgeable with French Bulldogs and brachycephalic breeds in general, know and appreciate how helpful our health harness is. We ask that you only apply to be included in our program if you absolutely love our brand, our values and loyal to us 100 percent. (i.e. not post other companies that sell same or similar items.)

Brand Ambassadors:


Brand Ambassadors are Instagram users who have an established credibility and audience and usually have a large number of followers. We are looking for dog accounts at this time (all breeds welcome) however only limited amount of Ambassadors are available. We need an ambassador in each state in the USA. It can be 1,2, 3 or 4 dogs in one account. The slot in the following states are taken: TX, MI, OK, NC, IL, CA, VA . (This list will be updated with more states as the slots fill up.

The Frenchiestore is more than just a brand, its a movement. Our core values are to have the best and highest quality items available for your best friend. We do not compromise when it comes to products quality and choose only the best available options. Being a part of the Frenchiestore meaning you are an animal lover and will promote our brand highly and ethically. We require that your account is authentic with organic natural growth and none of your followers, likes or comments were purchased or established in means prohibited by Instagram rules.

Naturally we are looking for accounts that are highly active and post at least once a day, engage and responds to comments. We are looking for established accounts with at least 20k followers, however we do make exceptions to accounts that have less followers but offer high quality creative photos and or videos. The most important aspect of being a brand ambassador is loving the brand you represent. Only apply if you love our brand and loyal to us 100 percent. (i.e. not post other companies that sell same items as us etc.)


We request you post at least 4 times a month. A post should include our name in the caption of the picture (@Frenchiestore) our hashtag (#Frenchiestore) & a tag to our profile if the post is a picture. We request that you post at least 4 stories a month and mention us in the story and add a link to our website as well.

The picture/video must include at least one of our products. Optional: We encourage your profile (Instagram) to link to our website ( ) and mention the discount code that will be provided to you by us. (If you have a preference as to the discount code name please include that in your application).  

Your Rewards:

We will send products to you free of charge. You can try all our latest gear and latest designs. We also provide a link to your followers for 10 percent off. 

In addition to the perks above we will post your pictures and videos featuring our products with full credit to your page on a regular basis which in return helps your account grow long term.

How to apply?

You can email us ( or dm us on Instagram. Please answer the following in full:

1. Your full name, address and email.

2. Your social network handle (Instagram, Facebok etc.)

3. Dog info: name, breed, weight, sex, color and dob.

4. Did you ever purchase from us before? If so what items ?

5. Why do you think you will be a good ambassador for our brand?

6. Do you post daily? Do you engage in your posts and comments?

7. Do you agree to be loyal to our brand and not post other companies that sell same items as us?




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