Before requesting a custom drawing take a moment to navigate to “Choose your Frenchie” category. We have many Standard Frenchie faces and colors there. If you have not found your Frenchie you can request a custom cartoon drawing. 

Pay for the product you would like to purchase and simply indicate in the notes at check out “Custom Cartoon Drawing Requested”. Our team @Frenchiestore always read every note that comes with every order so rest assure we will follow your instructions.

After you placed your order send us an email with the following information to

1. Include several photos of your dog clearly showing the dogs markings.
2. What kind of background you would like such as: squares, polka dots, chevron stripes etc.
3. Choose at least 2 colors for the background or 1 solid color.
4. Indicate if your dog is a male or female, and let us know if you want any accessories and what color you want those.



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