Before requesting a custom drawing take a moment to navigate to “Choose your Frenchie” category. We have many Standard Frenchie faces and colors there. If you found your Frenchie you will see a whole collection of items you can purchase.

Usually each collection will have very similar patterns or backgrounds colors. If you found the product you would like to purchase and the Frenchie drawing fits your needs, however,  you would like a different background, you can simply purchase the item and at check out write in the notes what background color you do want. Here is an example: My Frenchie is a black female. I click on Choose your Frenchie/Black Frenchie.

I would like to purchase a phone case however I want teal stripes instead of the standard grey ones. I choose the product and in the check out I indicate exactly what I want.

Our team @Frenchiestore always read every note that comes with every order so rest assure we will follow your instructions.