Blanket White/Cream French Bulldog on Royal Colors


Brand Frenchiestore

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One of a kind design not available anywhere else. Inspired and drawn for beautiful @lolatheterrible

(©Frenchiestore Copyrights & Trademark protected)

Design margin may have slight variations in the actual product.
Size: Choose from this listings variations.

Our blankets are the softest blankets you will ever feel, and maybe the only way to describe it is like hugging a cloud...

Our small blankets are made from fluffy and super soft fleece that feels like a mink blanket, pawfect for babies or our furry friends.

Our medium and large blankets made out of sherpa fleece which is a luxurious fabric that has one smooth knit side with the design on it, and the other side has a natural colored texture intended to imitate the look and feel of a real sheep's fleece.

The Sherpa Fleece is an animal-friendly alternative without compromising the superior quality, comfort and feel...

***Production time applies*** (made to order in approximately 2 weeks)
***printed cut & sewn in the USA***

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