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We are proud to introduce the very first health harness with duel D ring of its kind in the pet industry. This extra D ring allows attachment of the leash to the neck just as a collar. It allows for an easy no pull no choke comfort walk.

The Bluenjy Harness was inspired by our dog for the health and safety of your pet. (patent pending)

  • Two harnesses in one that can be interchanged in seconds with ease.
  • Gold brass double breakaway buckles and closures for added safety ( rose gold in selected designs) Breakaway buckles are designed specifically to prevent strangulation and are the safest buckles in the pet industry.
  • Frenchiestore branded duel D rings (neck, and back)
  • Premium breathable mesh
  • Durability with vibrant crisp colors.
  • Handmade & handcrafted


    Pink lemonade is a fun refreshing summer treat. Features Pineapples, watermelons lemons and lemonade. This harness will always remind you all the great things about summer even when your pooch wears it around wintertime.

    The reverse pattern and straps features an abstract artwork with matching colors. This harness is a show stopper with vibrant crisp colors that will look great on any dog.

     ***Matching luxury leash sold separately***


    Click here to learn how our harnesses were designed and why they are the best in the pet industry.

    Click here to learn how to reverse your duel D ring harness.

    Click here to learn how to place the duel D ring strap harness on your dog.

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